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ALSSO Members Recognized at NOSS

Congratulations to our ALSSO members recognized at the NOSS conference in Las Vegas!

Dr. Kim Garnett

Dr. Kimberly F. Garnett, retired ALSSO member, was the NOSS Award Winner. While Dr. Garnett currently lives in South Carolina, she still attends and presents at our annual ALSSO conferences. She served on the ALSSO Executive Board for many years and has received past ALSSO awards as well.

Mrs. Valerie Cox

Mrs. Valerie Cox, current ALSSO member, was awarded the Programs of Promise award for her leadership of the STAR Institute at Calhoun Community College. Mrs. Valerie Cox is a longtime member of ALSSO and NOSS. She was also the recipient of the 2023 ALSSO Administrator for Outstanding Support to Student Success.

In addition, we would like to congratulate Dr. Meredith Sides, current ALSSO member, for a successful year as the NOSS President. We are grateful to have you as a leader and representative of both ALSSO and NOSS. Dr. Sides also received the Henry Young Award for her outstanding individual contribution to NOSS.

We are so proud of all of these members! Once again, congratulations!

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