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2024 Spring ALSSO Webinars

FREE Webinars for ALSSO Members

We are hosting FREE webinars for our ALSSO members. The webinar titles and dates are as follows:

February 23 at 9:00 AM - “The Digital Learning Era: Harnessing Instructional Digital Tools to Increase Student Engagement" presented by Dr. Cynthia Steele


March 15 at 9:00 am - "Meeting the Needs of Students with Learning Challenges" presented by Amy Dobbs

April - "Mental Health and the First Generation Student"

Register for these FREE webinars here:

Past Webinars

"Embracing the Awkward: Understanding Implicit Bias as it Relates to Vulnerability, Shame, and a Culture of Courage in the Classroom"

“Who are these Kids: A Pastoral Perspective”

“Breaking the Sound of Silence: Using Music to Connect with Students”

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